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Pop3/SMTP Email

Pop3/SMTP email services are those that allow you to access your email with your favorite email program. This gives a lot of flexibility in how you handle your email and is preferred by most power users.

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AmEx Mail
AmEx mail offers both web based and pop3 email services. Unfortunately their pop3 services are for American Express card holders only. Has full smtp and pop3 capabilities.
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Crosswinds has been around for a long time. They are best known for their free unlimited web space, but they also bundle free pop3 email service. Has full smtp access.
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E-Omninet offers several services. On top of free pop3 email they offer web hosting, calendar service, bookmark service, and address book. Has full smtp access.
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Friendly Email
Friendly mail offer a web based interface as well as pop3 access to email. Unfortunately they DO NOT offer smtp access. On the positive side they have a ton of cool domains to choose from.
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Hot Pop
Hot Pop offers full pop3 and smtp access. They also have several different domain names that you can choose from.
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Mail and News
Mail and News offers a lot. They have web based, full pop3/smtp, email forwarding as well as newsgroup access. For a complete list of features check them out.
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NF Mail
NF Mail offers full pop3/smtp access with no storage restrictions.
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Soft Home
Softhome has been around for a while. They offer full pop3/smtp email. They have just started offering a web interface.
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